I grew up in a Chinese-American Christian community in central Ohio, comfortable in my role as the good model minority. White evangelical Christianity betrayed me with its racism and narrow worldview for the first time during graduate school, and a second time after the 2016 presidential election. The model minority myth exploded for me around that time as well. I am now a proud progressive Asian American (still) Christian, trying my best to be the kind of voice I needed in my formative years.

I am also a survivor of eating disorders, postpartum depression, regular depression, the emotionally-constipated insanity known as purity culture, and a series of poor dating decisions I made thanks to purity culture. I have a lot of opinions about all of these topics…ask me any time!

I am prumbled (proud and humbled) to serve as the Editor in Chief at Mochi magazine and as web designer and editor at Progressive Asian American Christians.