“Are you excited to finally be going back?” Eugene squeezed Artemis’s hand when she didn’t respond. “Hey, you awake?”

“Oh, yeah, I guess. Excited, terrified, same thing.”

“Why terrified? Taiwan is great. The food, the weather…well, I guess the weather takes a little getting used to, but the food makes up for it.” Eugene squinted slightly at his fiancee, trying to guess what she was thinking. “Don’t worry, Art. My parents will love you.”

Right as always. Marrying a mind reader night have some pitfalls, Artemis realized. “It’s not that. Well, it’s not just that. I’m not going back to Taiwan the way you are. I’m just…going to Taiwan. It’s no different than going to Zimbabwe or anywhere else I’ve never been.”  

Eugene squinted again. “But you’re Taiwanese too.”

“My parents are from Taiwan. And we didn’t go back every other summer like you did. How do you go back to a place you’ve never been?”

“I guess that makes sense, kind of. You’ll fit right in, though. And being American still carries some cachet.” He over-pronounced the French playfully. “You’ll be worshiped like a queen.”

That didn’t sound much like fitting in to Artemis. “Well, at least our parents should get along, right? My dad went to NTU too. That should give them something to talk about. “

Eugene kissed her forehead. “My family will love you. You’re going to be one of us now. It’ll be great, Art, I promise.”

She hoped he was right.

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