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My name is Jennifer, and I help authors, bloggers, and experts sell more books through web design and email marketing.

I've been blogging and building websites since approximately 2001, though we don't talk about my old Xanga page. I added email marketing strategy and copywriting to my services in 2016. I’ve been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients, but I’m particularly interested in getting more publishing contracts, book sales, and consulting gigs for writers of color and other marginalized groups.

About You

You're a writer whose words build bridges between people, communities, and cultures. You're busy doing your work and making a difference and hopefully also trying to be a functional human being. You don't have time to talk to every person in your audience, even though you know it matters and you really want to. You definitely don't have time to fiddle with your website. Focus on what you do best and leave the web and marketing stuff to me.

Web Design

I build Wordpress websites for authors, writers, and bloggers. But I don't just make them look pretty. I make them function smoothly so that your message can be shared with your readers. And I build in ways for you to create a community around your work.
Without you, my business would have never got off the ground! Creating a website seemed like an impossible task, so I kept avoiding it. It wasn't until we started working together that I saw the potential and value in my services. This process helped me to take a Facebook page and an idea and turn it into a business that can actually help others.



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