Remember that teacher who was fun, cool, easy to talk to, and brutally demanding when it came to learning? Yup, that’s me, minus the cool part, perhaps. I am ready to be your business’s best friend and biggest fan, but because of that, I’m not going to let you settle for less. You are too legit to quit and it’s time the world knew it and you felt it. You won’t need to apologize for your business cards or web site after we work together! (I can’t help you with bad hair days or yesterday’s yoga pants, but you really don’t need to apologize for those either. #momlife)

Here’s how things are gonna go down:

First Day

It’s hard to know how to get where you’re going if you don’t know where you are now. I’ll send you a business quiz (and a design quiz, if applicable) to complete before our first call. Don’t worry about studying…just be honest and open and we’ll be off to a good start! I’ll also send you a breakdown of who does what in our relationship.

After I get your pre-test, we’ll schedule a time to chat for 15 minutes. Like the first day of school, everyone will be on slightly better behavior, and we’ll go over goals and expectations. Based on that conversation, I’ll send you a proposal, which you can accept or revise as needed. Once that’s done, we’ll get a contract and payment schedule squared away.

  • Syllabus Session
    We’ll take some time to get to know each other better and discuss your target audience and their needs, and how your expertise and personality can meet those needs. Based on this discussion, I’ll create a written content syllabus for blog, copy, and strategy clients that includes themes, topics, angles, and invitations.

    Before this meeting you’ll have a little bit of homework that includes a personality test (or two) and a content & process quiz. Design clients will also have to turn in their brand assets (logo, colors, fonts, etc.)

  • Study Session
    For your project, I’ll write or design a moodboard to make sure we are on the same page with voice and brand before I start a draft. I like to schedule time to review the moodboard in-person or via video conference to really hone in on your individual voice and vision. When we put the time in upfront to establish your authentic, attractive, and unique brand, the rest of the process goes a lot faster. Once we’ve got the ground rules laid out, I’ll write a full draft of one post, page, or email and send it to you for review.
  • Review Sessions
    Reviews after the initial study session can be done over the phone or through written comments, though you’re always welcome to schedule a video chat. If we have a successful study session, the subsequent reviews for each new post should be pretty quick.


I’ll deliver each post or page as I complete them so you can set them to go live at your own pace. I suggest batch-scheduling blog posts for regular intervals, and updating website copy all it once, but it’s your content and your call. Design clients will receive full-resolution PDF and image files. Every client gets bragged on through my blog, email newsletter and social channels…think of it as the A-plus report card to stick on your refrigerator!

See the end results!

Have a looksie at my portfolio.