I use writing, design, and teaching to empower business owners do their work sustainably and authentically.


Mompreneurs will embrace and express their personal voices to build businesses they are proud of.


Self Awareness

We spend so much time as moms being everything to everyone, and it’s exhausting trying to do that in your business too. I believe it’s healthy and helpful to acknowledge and get help with the things we’re not so great at (that’s accounting and social media for me!) in order to focus our precious time and energy on sharing our strengths with the world.


I live in a weird state of (finally) embracing my imperfections while always seeking to improve. I am trying to get more comfortable with putting a draft out and revising it in the wild instead of picking at it over and over and never setting it free.

Quality Over Quantity

I firmly believe that there is enough everything for everyone if we learn to choose quality over quantity…enough clients, enough work, enough money, enough time. It’s okay (and necessary, I would argue) to say no to things that aren’t a good fit or just don’t matter that much to you.


This is more than just telling the truth, although that’s pretty important to me too. Authenticity is being true to yourself and your values, and it comes from self-awareness, vulnerability, humility, and acceptance of yourself and others.


The word integrity comes from the root integer, meaning intact or whole. My concept of right and wrong as a this/that, either/or decision has evolved over the years to embrace the ideals of wholeness, unity, both/and. So to me, integrity is when your character is united and consistent, undivided by dishonesty, hypocrisy, or conflict. Say what you mean, mean what you say. I also like to flip the golden rule for moms: take care of yourself and your business the way you take care of others.