Did you know that the most surefire way to make sure I don’t do something is to publicly commit to doing that thing regularly? (See also: flossing, journaling, pretty planner decorating, yoga, meal planning, etc. etc.)

So it goes with my Thankful Stories. In my defense, I did stop and think about something to be thankful for every…other…day…ish. I just didn’t write it down. So as November comes to a close, here’s the Cliffs Notes version of my would-be month of gratitude:


  1. My honest, trustworthy husband who shares my values and patiently tolerates my shortcomings.
  2. Our delightful toddler who is blessedly good at entertaining himself.
  3. Science Guy’s job and benefits.
  4. The flexibility of my work that allows me to take time off when everybody in the household takes turns getting sick and for some reason I run out of time to continue my little gratitude blogging series.
  5. My clients, old and new, who trust me with their businesses and allow me to pursue the lifestyle I want and need.
  6. Being 100% debt-free. We don’t own a house, but who cares? We eat avocado toast and refuse to buy diamonds from department stores every morning, BRENDA. (Not really. I hate avocados.)
  7. Our home. It’s modest but more than sufficient and relatively clean and organized. I love it.


  1. The local moms group in which I’ve made some friends and scored some good bargains for our home.
  2. One of my new friends in particular who is also part of an interracial marriage and raising a son about Fire Monkey’s age. It is nice not having to explain the peculiarities of being married to someone very different from you.
  3. Making new friends through the Internet because introverting is easier.
  4. The community of progressive Asian-American Christians that I’ve found online. If there is any subgroup in the world that just understands everything about my lived experiences, it’s these fine people.
  5. One new Internet pal who is basically my sister from another, uh, something. (No, seriously, our maiden names are the same uncommon Chinese surname and we trace roots to the same province. OBVIOUSLY ALL ASIANS ARE RELATED NEWAY DOE.) She is just about everything I want to be when I grow up: author, speaker, non-horrifying homeschooler, and bilingual.
  6. Hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving with homemade everything (except the stuffing came out of a bag).
  7. Reconnecting with old friends throughout the holiday season. I’m particularly grateful for the friendships that have spanned many years and life transitions, as well as the friends who hold different beliefs and respectfully challenge me to think about my own.

Thanks for tuning in to this (really irregular) series of thankfulness posts! One of my friends posts regular gratitude lists, which I’ve always admired, but I think his personality is a great deal more consistent and disciplined than mine. Let’s just say I’ll try to remember to attempt to think about posting lists like this every once in awhile.