The Content Pill

for the entrepreneurial woman who needs to get her content marketing cycle on track

Are you always scratching your head wondering what to post on [fill in the blank] today?

Do you want your marketing to attract more and better clients eager to work with you?

Would you like to spend less time planning and marketing and more time doing what you’re good at? (And making money for it?)

You might need a dose of The Content Pill.

What You'll Learn:

The Content Pill will teach you how to create a repeatable, cyclical content marketing calendar with specific topics and post ideas that enable your target audience to know, like, and trust you enough to commit to buying your product or hiring you.

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What to Expect

  • What is content marketing?

    (20 minutes)

  • Components of Content Marketing

    (10 minutes to 1 hour)

  • Where to use content marketing

    (30 minutes)

  • Setting Up Your System

    (30 minutes)

  • Brainstorming Content

    (1-2 hours)

  • Creating Your Calendar

    (30 minutes to 1 hour)

I’m Jennifer, the creative and benevolent maniac behind A-minus Mama. I have been creating digital marketing content since 2012 and blogging in a semi-grown up manner since 2008. During that same period I also taught high school biology, worked in real estate, and attempted to be a photographer.

These experiences have taught me a lot about communication, marketing, and running a business. As a teacher trying to learn the ropes of business on my own, I was often disappointed by the poor quality of many business courses and workbooks available online. So like any good overcommitting overachiever, I decided to make my own.

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Let the spirits testify!

I’m part control freak [about my business], part I don’t want to have to explain things, it’s easier to just do the things. So when you read my mind about some of the things, I realized that you already got me and what I wanted enough that it wouldn’t be difficult to get things right.

The Content Pill


The Content Pill is a complete planning system for content marketing. After completing this course, students will be able to create a repeatable, customizable content market calendar with specific topics and post ideas so they can create and batch-schedule marketing content that attracts and nurtures their ideal customers.



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