Here it is, the project that started it all. (In a manner of speaking.) I completed this piece for Innogage, a B2B marketing company based in Columbus, OH. Their client, Beer Tubes, needed a digital asset for prospects to download in exchange for subscribing to the client’s e-mail marketing list. The client provided an existing asset and asked for updates to match new branding on the company website. Initially tapped to edit copy for grammar and readability, I ended up redesigning the entire piece.

While the copy, graphics, photography were provided, there was considerable freedom in the formatting and specific design options to fit the overall look and feel of the website. When formatting an extensive digital asset, I wanted prospects to be able to see the content at a glance without giving all the goodies away at once. The table on the first page broke down the five ways to increase draft beer profits into two important categories: lowering costs and increasing revenue.

I got an early peek at the company’s then-newly rebranded website and made sure to use elements that echoed the existing website. The product is geared toward bars and restaurants but the website specifically said, “Man cave,” to me. I pulled the hunter green, oak wood, and lager gold from the company logo and site background, found fonts that closely emulated existing ones, and added some varsity-style lettering as accents. The top banner and sidebar layout also evoked the website’s design.

This was, for lack of a better word, a fun project. I enjoyed learning about the beverage service industry as well as a novelty product from my hometown. It was also a pleasure to work with copy and branding that was well-developed and only needed some polish and flair, rather than building from the ground up, or worse, repairing bad writing and poor design. I’m glad to see that Beer Tubes remains in business and has even diversified their product since I worked with them.


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